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About Estate Gardeners Inc.

Thank you for visiting Estate Gardeners Inc., a leading name in residential landscaping services in Omaha, Nebraska. We bring more than 80 years of combined experience to your yard.


It is our goal that you enjoy the entire experience of working with Estate Gardeners Inc.
No matter the size of your property or landscape budget, we view it as your estate. We will listen to what you want, how you will use your outdoor living space, and the needs of your family.
We will respect your budget and guide you through the design process to make your vision come to life.
We can manage virtually any project you can conceive in your outside space. From a simple planting bed to a pool and cabana. Call today to begin planning and designing what ever project you have in mind.


Our three point philosophy on delivery of service is designed to assure you the finest design, materials and workmanship. We proactively train people, we employee talented designers and craftsmen.
We take ownership of all of our business dealings and professional relationships. It is our responsibility to live up to our promise to you
WE will respect your time and respond to you quickly and resolve issues rapidly.
We view these three as our ethical creed, We are proactive, We take ownership and now is better than later.

Our Story

Estate Gardeners was not born out of a meticulously researched business plan or a drive to be the industry leader in providing the finest horticultural services to an unfilled market niche. It was founded by two people, Michael Becker and Patricia Burleson, two seasoned industry veterans who simply wanted to raise the bar for landscaping excellence in the Omaha area.


It would be nice to say we planned this company, secured financing, researched the market and launched an industry leader from its inception, capitalizing on the synergies of a diverse and talented workforce. The truth of the story is we did our first landscape job, converting a raspberry patch to lawn, tying the brambles to the kayak rack atop Michael’s Toyota hatchback and Pat hauling the sod in the cargo space of her Civic wagon.


In the early days, a classified ad in the newspaper served as the marketing plan, and worked well enough to provide employment for Pat’s two large sons Matt and Joe. Fortunately, the boys’ social life served as our employee recruitment plan and soon we had converted high school thespians and marching band members into Estate Gardeners.


So with a marketing plan and human resource management procedures in place we invested a $1700.00 inheritance in “Old Faithful”, a beige 1983 F-150 with 92 thousand miles on it. Later we acquired “The Lemon,” a slightly newer, prettier F-150 cursed machine that dug into the bank account like a tick and demanded a continuous infusion of cash to keep it on the road.


While all this was happening we were quietly designing and installing some of the finest landscapes in Omaha, and this was affirmed in 1999 and 2001 when Estate Gardeners was recognized by NALP with Environmental Improvement awards for two residential projects. The recognition we received for these awards cemented our reputation as a premier landscape design-build firm in eastern Nebraska.


Today, after twenty years, a passion for professionalism and quality still burns brightly at Estate Gardeners Inc. We have become involved in the local business community and the landscape industry on a national level. Our staff volunteers for local trade and business organizations, we chair boards and committees for state and national associations and committees. Our industry involvement has taken us across the country and involved us with the top Landscape companies throughout the US and Canada. You can follow our involvement in the industry here.

Associations & Memberships:

National Association of Landscape Professionals – Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute Nebraska Nursery & Landscape Association Omaha Business Ethics Alliance  National Concrete Masonry Association